Sunday, October 21, 2012


I was ensnared by my own words.  Trying to "power talk" a close friend to pursue what she loved doing most, she agrees with me on one condition - I must do the same by pursuing my writing flair. This could mean:

    A. "Blackmail?"

    B. "Where into this together. If the boat sinks, you go with me."

  C.  "Instead of rotting over Facebook, smell like your sauteed dish,              or earn a PhD on diaper dynamics...better write!
               D. "Let's do something for the human race.
            E.  Stay alive!

She wouldn't be my friend of 24 years if there were missing choices from the above.
As far as I remember, I stopped writing during that period when I had my first child.  Being a parent is overwhelming no matter how much you prepare for it.  When I attempted to live the life ahead of me, I  lost that "expressive" part of me. I identify myself now with those missing people you see on the "HAVE YOU SEEN ME" ads on milk cartons.  Lucky for those who were found but for those who remain missing and lost, it is a struggle for the hopeful.
I miss writing. Although at this point, having 4 kids to attend to day after day, expressing myself again through written words would fall last on the list. If there was anything I've exercised for all these stay-at-home mom years, it's my mouth! The idea of  pen and paper, and even a laptop keyboard's clicking made me feel alive again.  I should do this.  Let me do it again.  Maybe I can do this. It's like relearning to ride your bike; you take balance, make the first push on the pedal, second foot follows through, and then you take on a wobbly ride.   
A mom will speak her views in the most natural way she can through these blogs.  Her everyday musings, triumphs and stories may be mundane but it is an effort to appreciate life and glorify her Creator. She is blessed for the gift given her and this time it is not to be kept but shared.   
My missing self has been found thanks to a friend who still holds clear memories of who I am and where I am good at.   Ecclesiastes 4:10 says:
"If one falls down, his friend can help him up.  But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!" 
         A friend found me.