Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, Old Friends

I was made to face a table lined with well missed native food: sisig, fried molo, adobong kangkong laced with pork lechon, silvanas, and lychee shake (was it Lychee...I think).  I also got a panoramic view of Tiyo's restaurant thanks to the brilliance of the late Steve Jobs (iPhone rocks!). The ladies are in the house and the roll call yielded absentees. It's 12:40 am from my side of the world and I'm having a lunch date with my high school friends. 

High school graduation 1994
What they looked like more than 20 years ago remains vivid in memory.  The once geniuses, artists, comics, and girl next door faces are now entrepreneurs,  overseas professionals, wives, and mothers.  I could still spot some of the childish mannerisms interrupt their now womanly dispositions which for me are no flaws at all but remnants of a past we all want to cling on for the rest of our lives. 

High school days were indeed "high" days.  It was a time of self discovery, building friendships, dreaming, failing, and anticipation of a future that seems conquerable in a minute.  The people and events that made us laugh before still makes us laugh now.  The only thing is we sound like our moms now and  have completely lost our ability to giggle. 

Two decades after, we have metamorphosed into adults each of whom defines and views life in different ways. We have been separated by the choices we made but today we visit a common ground where the exchanges of journeys made were all worth the time and attention.   I never saw an underachiever among us.  No one deserved to be quantified according to how much she earns or receives.  Everyone remembers how we all had humble beginnings but have taken the challenge to step up one day at a time.  

I learned and laughed a lot with you, ladies.  It was a privilege sharing that hearty meal with everyone.  By the way, tell JM (that awesome waiter) he made one of the shots I love most. The new year feels so "new" with old friends. I'll see you all soon and on that day make sure I get a seat!

"Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves."  Romans 12:10
Mutating after 22 years.